Potomac Eagle owns two locomotives:

B&O 722

Baltimore & Ohio F7A number 722 was originally Bessemer & Lake Erie 722 built in 1952. 722 spent its life hauling iron ore pellets from the Conneaut, OH ore docks to hungry steel mills in Pittsburgh, PA. Previously in Potomac Eagle livery, it is now in the B&O paint scheme. This was the first engine owned by Potomac Eagle.

PESX 8250
Canadian Pacific number 8250 was built in 1955, originally as CP 8516. After retirement, it was purchased by Larry’s Truck and Electric in Ohio in 2015. Potomac Eagle bought and had it delivered in November 2017. During winter and spring, maintenance and a new paint job occurred. Work was completed June 29, 2018.

On most of the Potomac Eagle’s trips, you’ll find an open-air car or two just behind the locomotive on the south end of the train. One is an open-top gondola car that had been used to carry freight like pipes or railroad ties. That car has been outfitted with benches, so passengers can step outside to partake in the view of the Trough.

Observation Cars

The second open-air car is covered, but has large wide-open windows where you can lean out a little bit to get a better look. This car is one of several where restrooms are located.

Regular passenger coaches are coupled to the north of the open-air cars. Most of these cars came from commuter rail service on the Canadian National. Typical seating in these cars are cushioned, reversible seats where passengers can move the seat-back in order to face in either direction. In the photo on the right, the seats are adjusted to face one another.

Table Car

We have three cars that feature table-style seating, which is convenient for those bringing picnic lunches or passengers enjoying a bit from our on-board snack car. These cars are also mainly used by bus groups.

In the middle of the train is the ever-important concession car. Here, you’ll find a selection of hot dogs, nachos, candy, chips, popcorn, and other snacks. Beverages include hot coffee, soda, Gatorade, and water. This car was originally a kitchen car during the Korean War.

Club Car

On the north end of the train are our Club Cars. These lounge cars, Pere Marquette’s Eagle Cañon and Chesapeake and Ohio’s Chessie Club, feature couch/loveseat style seating with tables, are climate-controlled, and include meal service. Club is available on all trains. The Eagle Cañon and Chessie Club Cars have a classic, stylish look invoking memories of long-gone days of luxury rail travel. This look is complemented by Chesapeake & Ohio railroad china and tableware, just as was done years ago.

Learn more about the Chessie Club car from the C&O Historical Society (Fall 2013) – Chessie Club Car article. Included is a diagram of the car. The seating areas of both the Chessie Club and Eagle Cañon are very similar. They are two of only four of this style. Each has a sister car; they all are still in operation today.

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